National Electric Power Agency

Powercon Switchgear

Powercon founded in 1964 and headed by a licensed professional electrical engineer is staffed by a highly skilled engineering/manufacturing team. Powercon utilizes the latest production control techniques to consistently provide the highest quality equipment in the shortest lead times of the industry. Additionally, where necessary, we are often in a position to advance or adjust delivery schedules to accommodate customer needs.

Powercon Switchgear

Virginia Transformers

VTC manufactures a complete range of power transformers in three manufacturing plants in North America. From industrial applications to utilities across the world, each have specified their needs which have been fulfilled by VTC’s engineering and design team. The VTC team has designed transformers to perform in mines at 14,000 feet in the mountains of Chile and for the day to day grueling New York Subway System to generator and substation applications. So imagine what VTC can do for you.

Virginia Transformers

Exponential Power

Built on the foundation of four great companies: Exponential Power is the joint forces of Storage Battery Systems (SBS), Nolan Power Group (NPG), Quality Standby Services (QSS) and Summit Power Systems (SPS). Industry leading service and cutting edge technology led by experts that have been powering stationary and motive power applications since 1915.


Our Story

We at NEPA Inc., strive to maintain the highest level of engineering service and field support for our customers.

The companies that we represent have long been regarded as the most customer friendly manufacturers in the electric power industry.

By combining up front technical support for the project, attentive project management, and prompt field support, projects that we are involved in are the smoothest in the business.

The companies that we represent provide a wide range of products and services. Please be sure to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our capabilities or product range.

Complete Energy Support

NEPA Inc. does sales, engineering, coordination, start up and supervision. Whatever it takes to get the job in and energized.

NEPA Inc. is a manufacturer's rep who is on the job from the very start to project completion. We sit with the consultanting engineers early on and help with layouts, budget prices etc.

If we receive the contract, we are available for meetings with the owner, consultant, local utility and installing contractor to assure there are no problems once the equipment gets to the site. Once the equipment is on site, we supervise the installation and participate in the startup and functional testing.