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NEPA Inc. is proud to represent Virginia Transformer Corporation.

VTC manufactures a complete range of power transformers in three manufacturing plants in North America. From industrial applications to utilities across the world, each have specified their needs which have been fulfilled by VTC’s engineering and design team. The VTC team has designed transformers to perform in mines at 14,000 feet in the mountains of Chile and for the day to day grueling New York Subway System to generator and substation applications. So imagine what VTC can do for you.

Virginia Transformers

VTC's mission is to build the most reliable power transformer, designed and manufactured by engineers and technicians using time-tested processes, and to train and develop their employees to provide a premium product ensuring defect-free performance on time to every customer.

Manufacturing power transformers is what VTC does, and they excel at it. VTC's broad base of products include:

Virginia Transformers

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